Greg, Melbourne (Nov-2020)

car wash

Tyre shine

"Energise is an amazing tyre shine. I am so glad I stopped using spray on tyre shines as they always got sprayed all over the wheels and body panels. Since Energise is a gel, I can be so precise with the application and the natural looking shine lasts for ages".



Matt, Brisbane (Oct-2020)

car wash

Car wash kit

"My Lexus still looks as good as the first day I got it thanks to FLAWLESS car wash. I highly recommend trying it out".



Pete, Sydney (Aug-2020)

car wash

interior detailing kit

"The interior detailing kit is incredibly easy to use. The brushes are perfectly sized to clean all the tight areas like air-vents and storage compartments. Absolute removed all the sunscreen stuck to my door trims in seconds and Radiance left a nice, natural looking shine".



James, Sydney (Jun-2020)

car wash

car wash liquid

"I love how FLAWLESS leaves a deep gloss on my car every time".



Pamela, Melbourne (Apr-2020)

car wash

car wash 9

"CLARITY is the best glass cleaner I have ever used, its sprays on like a fine mist and is so easy to clean off without streaks".



Richard, Adelaide (Feb-2020)

car wash

car wash 8

"My AUDI is now only ever washed with FLAWLESS, the shine is better than any other product I have ever used".



Charles, Hoppers Crossing (Jan-2020)

car wash

car wash 7

"I love the ultimate pack, it gave me everything I needed to detail my car inside and out. All the cleaning liquids work so well, especially when combined with the accessories like the wash mitt and brushes".



Tim, Brisbane (Nov-2019)

car wash

car wash 5

"The first time I used ENERGISE I couldn't believe how silky it make the tyres look, none of that fake spray on shine and the gel lasts for ages".



Stephanie, North Sydney (Sep-2019)

car wash

car wash 4

"The white interior in my Golf was so dirty when I first bought my car, I used the CEC interior pack and it cleaned up the whole interior like new".



Jeff, Dubbo (Jul-2019)

car wash

car detailing 1

"My car sits on the driveway so I needed something that would clean and protect the paintwork. I have been using FLAWLESS for three months now and the shine is unbelievable, with a super smooth non-stick surface".



Danny, Camden (Feb-2019)

car wash

car wash flawless1

"I ordered my car wash premium pack on a Monday and it was at my door by Wednesday. Using the microfiber mitt and drying towel allows me to wash my car in under 10 minutes, I love using these products".



James, Peakhurst (Nov-2018)

car wash

Civic wash & wax

"I have enjoyed using the whole range from Cutting Edge Chemicals. I started with their FLAWLESS car shampoo that performed better than any car wash that I have ever used before. Also CLARITY is such an amazing product, it keeps my windows clean for weeks".



Angie, Penrith (Sep-2018)

car wash

car wash 2

"I am very particular about the car wash I use on my white paintwork. FLAWLESS always leaves a great shine and by using the two bucket wash method suggested I have kept my paint in perfect condition". 



Neville, Paddington (Sep-2018)

car wash

BMW interior cleaner

 "Amazing interior cleaner, ABSOLUTE keeps my white interior clean all the time. Combined with RADIANCE I can keep my interior looking new with minimal effort. It's simply spray on and wipe off"



 ShaneHunters Hill (Jul-2018)

car wash

car wash 4

 "My collection needs the best maintenance products so when I find a product I can trust, I stick with it"